Using Envision to its Fullest Capabilities – Part 2



Remember in our last newsletter when we talked about some forgotten Envision Features that can benefit your clients? Well, now that you have those in place, it’s time to focus on features for your team.  Envision includes so many great features to keep you and your team on the fast path to success!  Learn more about these gems that are right at your fingertips.



Business & Employee Analysis Reports

“What gets measured, gets improved.” You’ve heard it before and it remains true. How do you know where you need to improve if you don’t evaluate where you are today?


With just a few clicks, you can see your staffs – and your business’s – strengths and growing points.  Envision makes it easy to review your most valuable data in single reports. 


Get a quick overall view of your staff’s performance from the Employee Evaluation Report (Installed Software – Ultimate Edition).

From this single report, you can see how each staff member is doing by hour, if they’re pre-booking clients, if the clients they see requested them, and so much more!





Another favorite is the Employee Sales Statistics report (Installed Software – Ultimate Edition). 


 This gives you an overall view of how your team is doing in Key Performance Indicators that are so important in our industry.  You can view each employees’ service sales, retails sales, referrals, averages ticket, add-ons, pre-book percentage, and retail-to-service percentage. 






If you’re using Envision Cloud – Ultimate Edition, you have access to several Business Analysis Reports and dashboards that give a visual representation of your data.


Goal Tracking

Now that you know where your business is succeeding and where you can improve, it’s time to start setting some goals to get you where you want to be! Whether you’re working with a coach/consultant or just want to improve your numbers, setting S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed) goals is the way to start!



Envision provides you with a way to set up employee goals, and then track these numbers in one place. Not only this offer an easy way to implement regular coaching session with your team (because you won’t have to run million reports then combine them all for one meeting) but it puts accountability on your team.  They can see opportunities to increase their own bottom line. 




View Your Productivity

Envision makes is easy to glance at your screen and see how productive your business is in the moment.  Installed users, are you paying attention to the percentages along the bottom of the calendar?  These numbers tell you exactly how much time your service providers are with clients so you who is really filling up their book and who can use some help.  



This is a great tool to start using to help you determine who gets the next walk-in client, or opportunities for special promotions on the slower days.  Just a quick glance at the productivity bar can give you so much information!





Cloud users, are you checking out your daily dashboard?  This one screen displays:


  • Sales by inventory type
  • Prebook percentage for the day
  • Who’s scheduled to work and who’s clocked in
  • Any new clients coming in for the day
  • How many appointments are booked
  • Number of arriving appointments
  • New clients added to the system
  • Arriving clients





What a convenient way to see exactly what is happening during the day!  You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to pull reports or click through screen after screen to get the valuable information you want to see.  You have a real-time data indicator letting you know exactly where you are. This makes it easy to stay ahead of your goals because you can see where you’re succeeding and areas you need to work on right in the moment.



If you’re not using all of these features today, it’s time to get on the ball!


*Features shown are available in Envision Desktop - Ultimate Edition or higher &/or Envision Cloud – Ultimate & Medspa Edition.  If you see a feature here that you wish to have, please contact your Envision Representative for more information.