Envision Cloud’s Software Makes Checking Clients In AND Out Way Easier With 3 Friday Features


Start the Weekend Right with Easier Check-In AND Out for Your Clients

Finally, it’s Friday…. or should we say Fri-nally? Since we just released the new check-in app, it’s only right to share a few tips for an efficient check-in AND check-out process. You want to make a good, first and lasting impression before a client leaves. Envision Cloud Software can ensure clients have a good experience throughout their entire time at your business. With our continuous upgrades we made checking in and out all the easier. And by using just a few of Envision’s new features, you can increase your clientele. According to Salon Today, “technology serves as a right hand, helping [salon and spa owners] simplify systems, communicate with guests, measure performance and motivate team members; and market to the community to drive new business.” We agree, here’s a couple updates that are live right now on Cloud to make running your business more simple. 

1. Adding a Client’s Anniversary to their Profile 

We already know about the NEW anniversary email marketing template, but what about the anniversary field? You can enter a client's anniversary in the anniversary field on the client profile. When you sign up a new client don’t forget to enter the date, then the automated marketing for email marketing campaigns can be included in the date range to group together clients with the anniversary within certain days, weeks, or months. A client’s anniversary can make checking-in that much MORE personal. 

2. VAT (Value Added Tax) totals display the taxable amount and the tax total on receipts. 

Enter in different tax ratio’s that are fitting for your business in the company settings. Even now, VAT taxes are eligible as long as you label it correctly. Clients can see the taxes and fees tacked on their bill so you don’t have to take them through each charge. If tax is included in your prices, you can display the tax amount on your receipt so that customers can see exactly what percent and amount of their total were included.  Set a custom name to identify your tax plan in your company settings. The VAT can alleviate any confusion from a receipt and clarify fees and charges to the client. 

3. Option to not charge services fees on tickets that only contain retail items 

If a client has only retail items on their bill you can exclude services fees on only service tickets. This can be helpful for clients that have only purchased retail items. If a client purchases retail only, you can avoid charging a Service Fee on these tickets. Simply go to Company Settings > POS Options > Disable Service Fee on Retail Only Tickets. This will avoid any confusion or incorrect charges when a service is not purchased. 

These features came from the Quarter 3 updates, and with the NEW check-in app live on the app store, we wanted to share MORE capabilities for your check-in processes. Go to your cloud now and check out the anniversary field, receipt totals, AND ability to do away with service fees. 

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