Envision Cloud Quarter 2 Updates are HERE!


Summer is here and so are the latest features from Envision Cloud!  We've listened to your suggestions and implemented the most requested features from our community site. Keep reading to take a closer look at all of the new features and how you can benefit from each. We think you'll be really excited about the new Marketing enhancements and the Goals by Month for the Year reports. 

And don't forget, if you have a great idea or suggestion for a future update of Envision Cloud, be sure to enter it on our community site or up-vote other suggestions!


1. The Email Marketing system has been redesigned to streamline sending an email marketing campaign. 

Now it's easier to prepare your marketing templates in advance, then send an email marketing campaign when you're ready. 

You'll notice new menu options under the Marketing drop-down menu.


Follow the menu in order to create a new campaign.  If you want to use a pre-designed template, go to the Marketing Template Creator screen, then click "Add a New Template."  You'll see the "Starter Templates" button on the right. 


2 & 3. Added Detail Mode & Work Type to the Work Schedule Summary Report

Are you looking for an easy way to see when, and how many times an employee called out sick, or how many hours were worked on a particular day? The new enhancements to the Work Schedule Summary report allows you to pull a detail list of work schedule types.


4. You can now send tasks to employees as an SMS message. (available with the Paid SMS enhancement)

If you want to be SURE your employees are aware of tasks assigned to them, send them a text right from Envision. This is especially useful for employees who don't log into Envision immediately. 

*Tasks are available in Envision Cloud Preferred & Ultimate




5 & 6. Added current On Hand Quantity and the ability to apply a discount to the Purchase Order screen. 

The Purchase Order screen got 2 very convenient updates. 

Now you can refer to the On-Hand quantity column to see if you really need to order more or less of a certain product. No more running around the retail shelves. And, if you're vendor has offered a discount on your order, you can easily factor that in with the Discount PO button!



7. & 8. Added Employee Goals by Month & Business Goals By Month report. 

That's right, they're here!!! 
You can now pull Employee or Business
Goals by Month for the year! These invaluable reports save so much time when you're trying to see exactly how your staff, and your business, is doing on a consecutive basis.

If you're working with a coach or consultant, they're going to LOVE seeing these reports!

No more pulling multiple reports, or entering data into a spreadsheet. Quickly see if it's time for a level jump, or if there are some areas that could use more coaching. 


These reports are available in the Business Analysis report menu. 

Reports > Business Analysis Reports > Employee Goals by Month (or Business Goals by Month)



9. Added Alternate Employee field to point of sale line items. This field can be used to award commission to an additional employee.

Do you share commission with your assistants or does your staff need to split commission for certain services? Now you can add an alternate employee on the ticket! No more manual calculations when it's time to run payroll!

Simply edit the line item you want to split...


Then select an employee in the Alt. Employee field...


10. When searching the Retail List by barcode it will now also search all secondary barcodes as well.

Sometimes, barcodes change or get an update which can make it difficult for you to find the right item, and cause duplicate entries of the same product.  But now when you search inventory by barcode, your results will include any previous barcodes associated with the product. This helps to keep your inventory clean and organized. 


What's you're favorite update from Quarter 2?
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