Start 2017 on the Right Foot



The new year is a perfect time to start fresh and prepare for the upcoming year. Here are a few tips to help make sure your 2017 starts off great!



1. Don't Delete!


With a new year, we often want to start off with a clean slate. It may be time to go through your list of services or retail products and clear out the ones that are clogging up your lists. When doing this, you should never delete information though. Employees, Clients, Retail, Services, etc can all be deactivated instead. Deactivating data allows you to still report on it later. If you delete it, you may lose sales information forever! To deactivate most items, just double click into the item and look for the “Active” checkbox. Uncheck it and Save!




2. Fill up your books with Standing Appointments

Encouraging clients to book standing appointments is a great way to make sure you’re getting your prebooks taken care of and ensuring contact with your clients. Simply right click on a client’s appointment and select the “Make this a Standing Appointment” option. You can select how many weeks you want to book it out for and the frequency of the appointments.





3. Year End Employee Review

Show your employees how they’ve done this last year by running a Sales by Employee – Subtotal by Inventory Type report. Click the “Summary” option, set your date range and choose your employee. This will give you a report of exactly how much they sold in Memberships, Services, Tanning, Packages and Retail. You can run this report for previous years as well to compare how they’ve done year to year.