Selling Series: Holiday Recipes For Success [VIDEO TRAINING]



The Holidays are fast approaching and we’re all in the spirit of giving! At Envision, we get excited seeing all the salons using Envision create more revenue for themselves in this peak season! Whether we see it online or face to face it gives us great pleasure to see you all succeed. Seeing our clients flourish is what motivates us to continue to deliver the BEST product for your business management.

Since the holidays are just a couple short weeks away, I want to help you even more by giving my “Holiday Recipes” for success! 


The Art of Gift Cards:

When November and December roll around Salons, Spas and MedSpa’s are always looking for that financial boost. Gift cards can be a sure-fire way to intensify your revenue. It was reported that last year, customers spent a whopping $23.6 billion (that’s billion…with a “B”) on gift cards during the holiday season alone. The general average was $40 spent per card. So, if you are not offering this service in your salon, or if you aren’t heavily promoting this option to your clients then you're missing an opportunity to boost your bottom line! Thankfully ENVISION is here to help! Here are some tips to help you capture more gift card sales, not only for the holidays but for ANY occasion, all YEAR round.

The most successful salons offer either plastic gift cards or effortless paper gift certificates at the salon and more importantly, ONLINE Gift Card Sales through our software in order to gather more money during the year specifically and un-surprisingly during the major gift-giving seasons such as Christmas and New Years but if you can maximize the reasons besides the holidays to sell the cards you will be able to flourish year round!
Marketing is the ONLY way to create awareness that they are readily available and are a benefit to them. One of the easiest ways to let customers know that you offer gift cards is by simply adding a small “pop-up” sign at the register. The sign could be simple it doesn’t have to say a lot to be effective "Give the gift of luxury buy a salon gift card today." Don't shy away from opportunities to let customers know about the gift cards, make sure you educate your front desk operators to offer them as well!


UpSelling: How It Can Increase Sales All Year 'Round

Want to know the Secret to having a successful and profitable salon? One word: UPSELLING. That’s right! Upselling is the key that your stylists need to increase profit margins and make the sales climb all year round! 

Unfortunately, some service providers hold back on recommending retail items to the client whether they themselves assume the product is out of the clients budget (never assume) or they don’t like rejection (no one does) but the truth is you are the professional hair stylist! The professional needs to have an unwavering amount of confidence, own your confidence as a stylist. After all, you are the one who went to school to specialize in cosmetology and you are the one with the license. They know and trust you, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in your chair. If they trust you, they will buy from you!

The best part of upselling in your business is that it’s pretty much an effortless endeavor (even more so with Envision’s Product Recommendation OPTION). Upselling is just presenting more options by making “recommendations.” Once you recommend the product the last thing you have to do sell the benefits…and voilà! You have increased your ticket for the already flourishing Ho, Ho, Holidays!


Pre-Booking: The Key To Avoiding Holiday Madness

We are right around the corner from the BUSIEST time of the year! The HOLIDAY season! A time when everyone is coming in to get that special look, cut, color, up-do, etc. before the Holiday Festivities. Before the Holiday rush hits full-force it is important that you (or the front desk) is always asking for a Pre-Book. Bringing this up to the clients before they leave may spark the urgency to Pre-book in this key time to fill their desired slot! So they aren’t in a “holiday rush” to try and set a time, they will already have one available.
There are a few things you may be able to do to maximize the client’s eagerness to pre-book, for instance, maybe giving them a bonus of loyalty points every time they pre-book! People love getting things for free and just for agreeing to pick a date for the next visit they get MORE loyalty points that will help them get a discount in the future! SCORE!

As if not having their calendar full is enough incentive a bonus of some sort or goal may get your employee more excited to ask for a Pre-Book. You decide the goal, and you can track the Pre-book percentage in Envision ensuring the accuracy of the goal! They will appreciate the fuller book and they will love when they get rewarded for the work! 

What have we learned?

In closing, you won't need to be a world-renowned chef (or Stylist in this analogy) to be successful at implementing these Holiday Recipes for Success! I hope that you have found this information useful and informative. May the rest of your year be merry and prosperous and may you have a very rich new year!