Accurately Track Your Discounts and Promotions



Are you looking for a way to quickly incentivize your clients? Have you ever pulled a report that shows a list of discounts. but you’re not sure why these discounts were given?

There are several ways to discount items in Envision, and reasons to use each method. Here are the top 4 ways to discount products and services in the program:

Coupons/Promo Codes - Highly trackable with coupon reports, can limit the number that may be used, can be for a limited promotion!

 Discount Items – Quick and easy, this method is trackable with the discount notes report, and can help with client retention by offering fast checkout.

Sale – Run for a limited time and help bring in new clients, a sale can be applied to many items at once in higher editions of the program!

Discount Plans – Offer incentives to clients for a one time use, or apply a plan to a client’s profile and let it apply each time they return. Use this method to offer different discounts based on the item type (retail, service).



The Discount Methods video reviews all these ways to reduce prices on items and services in your business. Setup steps for each method are reviewed, as well as the reports that can be used for each method. This will free you to spend your time focusing on your clients!