Appointment Personalities: Which Do Your Clients Have?

After writing about clients for so long ( see here and here), we think we've hit the nail on the head when it comes to the kinds of personalities you come across in your business. So much so, in fact, that we've managed to put together a list of who they are and the best ways to approach them! If your employees are coming to you about ways to handle and manage a client relationship for success then read these tips on who to approach them and what warning signs to look for when dealing with such specific personalities. 

Polly The Procrastinator 

Oh Polly, we know you mean well! We're sure you are trying your best to make it to your appointments on time but something always seems to come up, doesn't it? Whether it be the kids, traffic, or something else coming up, this client seems to last minute cancel or not show up at all more than once. You know not to try to prebook follow-ups because she never comes but you love her anyway because you know she means well. What's a professional to do? 

Polly, we love you but this is the reason many client facing businesses are now adopting the "deposit when booking" motto. We have seen several of our clients turning to this method of booking where when they are scheduling their appointment, a deposit of a set amount (which will be applied to the cost of your service) is required and charged. This way the business does not lose time waiting for a no-show. If you have a problem with clients like Polly consider using this method for booking! Client attendance rates will increase drastically if their money is involved and you won't be stuck waiting around wondering if the appointment is actually going to happen! Make the switch here.

Another approach to solving the problem of a client like Polly is marketing to her specifically! We all know the importance of Email Marketing (and how Envision excels at it here) but are you taking the marketing personal? Segmenting your marketing strategies to group and target different kinds of clients at the best times is essential for a growing business! You can create endless filters in Envision's Marketing tools such as creating a list of clients who don't show up to appointments (like our lovely Polly) and creating special offers and promotions just for them coming in more often! We all understand life gets busy, but reminding your clients your time is precious too is the number 1 way to get back control of your business and turn bad clients into good ones with positive relationships and good customer habits!


Rachel The Reliable

Let's just start this off by stating we love Rachel, and she's someone Polly should probably meet... Even though she never gets anything fun and has been coming to you for the exact same service for years, you know you can always count on her for steady appointments! (Especially after the holidays during the slower months.) There isn't anything really wrong with Rachel and if you are looking for an easy going client where you know what to expect at every appointment, she's perfect! But if you have a client like this who has mentioned experimenting but is too stuck in her ways, below are some practices that may help.

Never underestimate the power of a loyalty program! (Please read that sentence twice, if you aren't getting how serious we are about this.) People love to see their money work for them and by implementing a loyalty program they can track, on your own custom app, this does exactly that! Watch as your most loyal clients work their way towards discounted products, or in Rachel's case, percentages off new services. This is a great way to expose the biggest fans of your business to services they may not have tried before or known you had and thus increase your ticket on an appointment that was already coming in! This is especially perfect if Rachel has wanted to make the leap to a new style or service but may not have had a reason to before. How does 30% off sound Rachel?

Also if she's the kind of loyal client that brags about your business to her friends and brought you more customers because of it, don't we love these clients? Then consider offering a referral program! If Rachel not only gets rewarded for coming to appointments she was attending anyway, but rewarded for her friends' appointments too, then you've got a very happy client and a big fan of your business! Reviews and word of mouth are so important to local businesses, they can often make or break one, so if you've got a Rachel leverage her to make yourself a bit more money and a better reputation!


The Big "?"

And finally the all-important, sometimes nerve raking, brand new client. Whether they booked with you online or through the front desk, you have no history with this client and this is the first time you are meeting. This is your first session, props to you if it's a consultation, and much like a first date you want it to go well! You want to get to know her and her hair needs. Maybe you start to paint a picture of what your relationship could look like down the line, sharing transformation pictures from before she was a regular client, long walks to the check out... it’s the beginning of something beautiful! (Are we the only ones that do this?) 

You want to start things off on the right foot so if you're having an especially crazy day then before she's due to come in, take a minute to yourself where you can calm down a bit and put your best foot forward for this new client. She hasn't done you wrong or driven you crazy just yet so there's no need to settle into the appointment with a chip on your shoulder from the last one. Take the time to listen and connect with her! Set the standard for your relationship on if she's okay with you taking pictures of her service to be used in your portfolio, what kind of regimen does she need? Cover all of the basics so she knows exactly what to expect when coming to your business. There are several ways to approach this client to make sure things go smoothly so let's dive in!

Our "?" client should be immediately exposed to your own custom app. (And if you don't have one, what are you waiting for?!) Show her the ease and flexibility of being able to schedule appointments on the app so everything is on her time, even show her the "Spin to Win" game within so she learns there are products and services available at special rates for her loyalty! The possibilities are endless so make sure you are presenting her with the opportunity to literally have your business in the palm of her hands right from the start.

Loyalty programs should also be immediately introduced to this customer so she gets into the habit of seeing exactly what how her dollars spent at your business are working towards a free product or discounted service. Setting the standard for the ways your business can become an invaluable part of her life will show value beyond the dollars she spends at that first appointment!

Taking It All In

Whether you have a Polly, Rachel or "?" coming into your business today remember these key tips on how to make the most of their visits to your business. Sometimes all it takes is one appointment to go wrong for you to lose a customer of several years and if you focus on connecting correctly and positively from the beginning then you will be set for success! We are thinking of making this a series because we all know the personalities of clients, both good and bad, are endless. So if you would like to see this become a series please share the love on social media using the hashtag #EnvisionThePossibilities and we will work on bringing you the best content to help your business succeed! If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to email us at Good luck with those clients!