5 Benefits of Envision Online University


Business software doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating! So, we've created Envision Online University, a series of voice-guided training videos that cover how to utilize a variety of features in Envision Cloud. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, we’ve crafted Envision Online University classes to make integrating your business and our software effortless. With virtual learning, your business can gain knowledge on how to take advantage of what Envision Cloud has to offer while still practicing social distancing. At the end of it all, you can earn your Envision Cloud Master Certificate! Let’s talk about the different benefits of Envision Online University:

1. Learn at Your Pace

We know business owners and their employees are busy! With our web-based courses, you can complete classes on your own time. To fit your schedule, we make it easy to pause and resume classes in Envision Online University. Plus, classes are accessible from the web allowing you to work from home.

2. Step-By-Step Instruction

Our courses are designed so that when you go live with Envision Cloud you know exactly what to do. We walk you through each process explaining how to navigate and complete different tasks in Envision Cloud!


3. Interactive Learning

With EOU, you actually get the opportunity to simulate what it's like to click, type, and make changes within the software. That's right! You get to learn by doing! Not only can this hands-on experience keep you engaged, but it can also help to prepare you for using Envision Cloud to manage your business.

4. Progress Tracking

The Progress section of Envision Online University displays your learning stats! You can track your course completion, active hours, logins, and more!

5. Learning for All

We've got something for everyone! With courses like Front Desk designed for Front Desk personnel and Envision Master for managers and owners, Envision Online University is tailored to the different positions within your business. With more general courses like Basics, Envision Online University is a great tool to train new employees or just get a quick refresher!