3 Ways to Keep in Contact with Your Clients While Away from Your Business

3 Ways to Keep in Contact with Your Clients

We recognize reaching out to your clients is very important to your business. Whether it’s to make an announcement, remind your client about an upcoming appointment, or wish them a happy birthday, we’ve got you covered! Envision Cloud gives you a variety of tools to build a relationship with your unique clientele even while you’re not at your place of business. Let’s talk about 3 Ways to Keep in Contact with Your Clients!


During this time, many companies are utilizing emails to reach clients and our comprehensive Marketing Template Creator and Email Wizard are included with ALL versions of Envision Cloud. You can create customizable emails for newsletters, updates, holidays, promotions, and more! Emails are not only a great way to distribute information, but also a great branding opportunity as you can design them with the color scheme, fonts, and images you’d like! 

Text Messages 

Nowadays, everyone has got a smartphone in the palm of their hand and can be reached  almost instantly by text message. With Envision Cloud’s variety of SMS options, you can send anything from a thank you text after a client’s visit to a promo text about gift card sales! Setting up SMS automatic appointment reminders lets a client know they have an appointment coming up and can cut down on your number of no-shows. Service reminders send a suggestion to a client to get a service they’ve already gotten, done again! For example, if a regular gets her acrylic nails done at your shop, you can send a text to remind her to get a fill in 3 weeks! Pro Tip: when adding a client to your client list, be sure to get both their phone number and mobile provider to ensure texts are always sent out and received!

Push Notifications

A client hears their phone buzz! It’s your business sending them a push notification from the Enhanced Custom Mobile App available as an add-on with Ultimate version of Envision Cloud. With the Enhanced Custom Mobile App, you can send out push notifications for announcements, exclusive deals, upcoming appointments, and more, directly to your client’s phone!