How to Keep Clients (Even When Their Stylist Leaves)


Using Envision Cloud’s Salon Software, you can work to retain clients with loyalty programs, email marketing, and more! But when a stylist or nail tech decides to leave your shop, it’s normal to worry that all their clients will be on their way out too. We’ve got some simple strategies to help your salon try to keep those clients! 

Step 1: Identify the Clients

To retain the clientele, we need to know who the clients are! You can create a Marketing Filter using either the Appointment Options or Sales Options. For the Appointment Options, select the dates of the last year and the staff member that’s leaving from the employee dropdown. For the Sales Options, select “Clients that purchased,” set the date range to the last year, and select the leaving employee from the “Sold By” dropdown. Using either of these methods will give you a list of clients that have been serviced by a specific employee. By clicking “Email Export” you can view the list of clients or by clicking “Check Client Count” you can view how many clients you’re attempting to retain. Be sure to hit save!

Step 2: Reach the Clients

Now that the clients are all figured out and filtered, it’s time to contact them! The Marketing Filter you created is available for use when sending out marketing emails. You can send out an eye-catching exclusive offer specifically to the clients you’re trying to retain. This is an easy way to remind them of your shop and allow them to book with a different service provider at a discount.

Step 3: Track Your Success 

How to tell if your efforts worked? Create a new Marketing Filter that utilizes both the Appointment Options and Sales Options! For Appointment Options, select dates that reflect the service provider’s last year of employment and select their name from the dropdown. Then for the Sales Options, select “Clients that purchased,” select the dates since the employee left to now. This should allow you to view a list of clients that used to see a previous employee but continue to go to your salon! 

Maintaining relationships with clients is one of the keys to client retention! It can be as simple as an email!