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SMS Text Messaging

Automated Text Appointment Reminders

Send appointment reminders automatically with FREE SMS Text message reminders.

  • Automatically send messages up to 3 times before the client's appointment
  • Front desk staff will have to make less confirmation calls.
  • A forgotten appointment is lost revenue for the business.

True 2-way SMS text messaging

Optional 2-way text messaging allows you to send and receive messages from your clients.

  • Confirmed responses are instantly updated on your Envision calendar.
  • More than just appointment confirmations! Send marketing promotions, communicate with employees, or send a text to a client individually.
  • Automated marketing messages bring in repeat business.
  • Chat via text with clients and employees without leaving Envision.
  • Make your customers feel more comfortable.
  • Make chatting with the business more convenient.

Customer Surveys

Collect valuable feedback from the most important people in your business, your clients! With customer feedback surveys, you can include a survey link at the bottom of your receipts or send through Envision’s Email Marketing Program. Clients simply complete the survey online and receive an optional promotion for completing the survey.

  • Engage your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Focus your employee coaching
  • Increase customer retention

Online Booking

Let SalonVision be your 24/7 storefront!

Professional website templates come complete with online booking, Facebook App, and gift certificate sales. All appointments and transactions are instantly updated in Envision.

Customizable & Professional Website

Online Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking from Facebook

Client Referrals and Reviews

Revenue Generating Online Gift Certificate Sales